Two Forces on Collision Course Plus A Modicum of Hope

Fortunately the world does not proceed in binaries but threes

The first force is the force of oil and cars and sprawl
It is the course that makes the Kochs wealthy beyond measure
It believes our present way of life is sustainable

The second force is caused by awareness that the way above 
is not sustainable desirable rewarding or possible
It is the force of alternative energy
New planning initiatives
Massive reform
It believes the wind is at its back

Blunt Truth

The first force so overpowers the second force
that it is almost laughable
The Kochs laugh
The Scalias laugh
The Thomases laugh

The third of this triad is hypothesis experiment proving out
of ways beyond the double bind
Objective: allow the first to topple of its own internal 
Help it with words and actions

Become a laboratory
for the creation 
or workable models to
realizing that this is a century-long

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