We Are Already Doomed to Future Nuke Meltdowns

Nuke Regulators' Cozy Industry Ties - The Daily Beast: "Here's something to think about as Japan continues working to fix its stricken reactors. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is now criticized as being extremely close to the industry, routinely postponing requiring maintenance until crises develop, and even then usually delivering only a slap on the wrist. The agency puts up with violations, says critic David Lochbaum, because "Otherwise, nearly all the U.S. reactors would have to shut down.""

What else is new under our fading sun? This is the sort of thing that reinforces self-creep, the phenomenon of withdrawal from participation in anything.

Nuclear plants are a lethal time bomb. Nuclear plants have no place in a new world of sustainability and enhanced living. Nuclear plants are not economically viable. The countries that say no to nuclear will build toward a sustainable energy future. Nuclear plants are the signature of an era of destruction.

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