Why Romney Not only = Risk But REALLY = Risk

When I first came up with the Romney=Risk idea
I was thinking of a strategy for Democratic victory
It was easy enough to play with 
the ways in which the GOP and Romney
pose risks for the country
Now I have been overcome with a much deeper 
sense of Romney=Risk
It is Romney himself
This is core analysis

There is only one
predictable way that Romney acts
He plays out whatever impulse strikes him
He is sufficiently at ease with his exalted status that 
he believes he can wing anything that comes at him

Because he is afraid of being found out
he surrounds himself with lesser lights
who have been his devotees since he was Governor

He does not seek or take advice
He operates on cruise control
confident he can prevail
When he looks flummoxed it is because this
self-confidence has been pricked
It is never because he is wrong
or he has lied  
It is that he has somehow failed to
pull it off

This is the preppie-Harvard acing mentality
at work
Everything has an element of bullshit
The trick is to be articulate enough
to suggest to the grader that you know what you are talking about
This finds its way to Wall Street
To Bain
To Metro North
And that is why it is not just the GOP and Romney
that poses untold risks for our future
but why Romney himself
is asking us to rely on his
spontaneous wit
to guide the nation
Elect the President to a second term

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