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Robert Draper: Obama Never Had A Chance: "From an abstract ethical standpoint, it’s not particularly contemptible. I know there are some Democrats who have before, and will again, grab clumps of their hair and gnash their teeth at the cynicism and lack of patriotism of it all. Whatever — that’s pollyanna BS. But by the implied ethical framework of the US government, which, remember, is not a parliamentary system and thus invariably cannot function without some measure of bipartisanship, the Republicans’ actions from 2009 to the present are significant. And ominous.

The American system as presently constituted simply cannot function if the outgoing Party is in complete and total lockstep opposition to its adversaries at any and all times. Now, you may comfort yourself with the knowledge that, Democrats being disorganized and ideologically heterogenous as they are, the chances of this happening under President Romney and an entirely Tea Party-run Congress aren’t very good. Personally, I’m thinking that’s about as uncomfortable as comfort comes."

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The above is from an article that notes the circumstances of the 2009 Inauguration Eve meeting of GOP leaders which resulted in the agreement to do in President Obama. I disagree with the conclusion above that the reaction of people like me is BS. We knew that this was going on but we did not know that it was a planned violation of the American system of government. Knowing that this was and is the case, we have the weapon we need to help drive the GOP from its obstreperous and unpatriotic hold on our national throat.

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