How Jesus Went Viral Amateur Musings

I am awash in gospels
I Kindle-bought a 600 page collection of
early Christian gospels
none of which most people ever see or read
They prove conclusively (to me)
that gospel-writing was aimed at making
the one who wandered about saying provocative things
into a full blown religious Messiah 
who would offer priests a sinecure for generations to come

The gospels in the New Testament 
are the edited texts of
a vast number of outlandish myths and legends
that sprang up after Jesus did whatever he actually did
Like Schweitzer and many other Biblical scholars
I believe any conclusions we draw about Jesus
are inferences only
subjective suppositions
The only supposition that I am willing to entertain
is that Jesus started a movement based on
his articulation of Abba's way

But these gospels I am reading offer me a huge clue
Already the church is preparing to 
make the virgin birth stick
With many stories of Mary being groped by 
midwives whose arms are withered
for their forwardness
but who were healed
when they touched
the hem
of the infant's garment

This is sealing up the religion claim is
fanciful but definitely priest-intensive
But what is also clear in these gospels is 
a universal motive
Already this baby is the universal
co-occupant of the Trinity

It took about 70 years 
for this mythological process to
find a home in the earliest written accounts
the so-called synoptic Gospels
Mark Matthew and Luke
Paul whose writings are earliest
never alludes to details of Jesus

The message to me in this is a sad one
Special effects have always seen as means of going viral
The Jesus I infer wanted to go viral
but because of Abba's way
not special effects
or miracles 
He came to show a way we could achieve a world
based on the willed values of non-idolatry tolerance
helpfulness and democracy

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