How The Koch Economy Presages A Global Meltdown

The Koch economy is
fossil energy largely toxic chemicals road building and
highway culture products like Brawny
The Koch economy presumes that the future
will involve more vehicles
more asses to wipe
more oil sodden roads
and more toxic chemicals

The world is already experiencing
the results of banking on such assumptions
even though sane heads on good days
understand that this way 
is doom
that we need
not growth
environmental acuity
not halfway measures


We will get nowhere until we 
create Tom Sawyer's fence
We need to build a model of a sustainable world
We need to posit walkable communities
Populations dense enough to spawn local economies
The integration of everything
not today's auto dependent sprawl

One way or another this is going to happen
The more we get off of silly solutions and to
model building
the more we will be on a road past
the lassitude of the Koch global meltdown economy

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