Mildred Purse Envisions John Boehner's Redemption from Sin

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John I am  told you have been offered redemption from sin, I had long ago desired this but despaired when it became obvious that you thought the Tea Party was key to your holding the Speaker's gavel. All the stuff with Cantor and everything. But I am aware of an entirely different course you could take. One that would put you right up there with the noble Washington. You'd be an agent of salvation for your Party and for the Nation as well. You would be remembered.  It's fiendishly simple. Openly break with your antedeluvian, puling associates. Ally with the few sane Republicans that remain. Ally with  most Democrats (we have a few insane ones too, John). And pass the President's jobs program. You would be instantly deemed a hero on every side save the one that would brand you a traitor. But whatever happened, you would go down as a hero and patriot rather than a coward and scumbag. At some point John, posterity inserts a life-changing word, John. Heed it.

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