Another doofus NYT surmise Scheduled Tweet 6/24/2012 AM

This is not about young and old
and its thinking about age is flawed
It is largely a tired effort to celebrate youth
and suggest that there is a difference
that to me is existent only to
people who do not cross the line
which is merely a matter of chronology
Aside from the fact that I am 76
I am as close to the young as ever
I do not recognize age
And I will guarantee that people of every age will
by the time of the election
have no taste for the bad medicine 
the GOP is trying to stuff down out throats 
What's back is another binary effort
from people to whom thinking in threes is a mystery

Another doofus NYT surmise - The Generation Gap Is Back 
http://buff.ly/PUnRLq This is not about young and old

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