Occupy Congress Until Obama Jobs Bills Are Brought to A Vote

At some point we will wake up
At some point we will see that direct action is essential
At some point we will Occupy Congress
and for relaxation
conduct a vigil outside the Supreme Court
That is my hope
That is my belief
Nancy cannot do it on her own
John Boehner is not being moved yet
What will have to happen to break the jam
Here is what I believe
Boehner remains the key
He cannot now be trusted to do what he says
should he say he will compromise
We need to Occupy Congress with the following demand
Place the Obama jobs bills on the floor for an up or down vote
If the Republican majority stands with the Tea Party
so be it
But if the whole house passes these measures we will have
broken the jam
So the demand is
Bring the bills to the floor
And if Occupy is listening
If people ready to act are hearing 
then act
Go to the Congress and say
Obama jobs bills to the floor for a vote
before July 4

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