Praises be the GOP savaging of Gabby Giffords did not work


CNN Political Ticker ‏@PoliticalTicker

Former Giffords aide wins election to finish her term -http://wp.me/p4HKM-116P

This is the sign we need to get our heads in order
A world where mayhem is the sound of life
Or one that moves with stealth to saner places
Where we don't go to sleep with dreams of strife

This is the PAC ad of the GOP opponent
to win the seat that mayhem took from Gabby Giffords 
This what mayhem creates to set brand new cross hairs
To hit a spot where fear trumps any reason
and turn the glass so empty that it breaks
This is the thing we must take into our sad minds
And process for the sickness that it is
and then go to the polls and turn this dolt out
He and his gun and all the GOP
and then with wider eyes rest easily

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