Recent history - a fable

Recent history - a fable
Commoner Ailes met Commoner Nixon and got on the same page
The aftermath of Civil War exploiting common rage
Thriving on resentment they boldly won the day
Along with the big-moneyed set that always gets its way

Commoner Ailes went on to be master of media
Propaganda potentate for all the USA
Paid by corporations that would rule us come what may
Awash in sprawl and credit cards and rebates 
Allied with Rove and Koch and all their tea mates
Surmising victories and wrecking the states
Until Satan appeared
And said here's something weird
I have a Brylcream candidate
And I can spiff him up in no time
He will ventriloquize like mad

And in no time this Satan had
Created a campaign to wrest
Democracy and tolerance
And every evidence of helpfulness
From reality
Replacing them with patriotic gore
And regnant fear from shore to shore

But in the wings there lurk folk such as we
And we are blessed to possess eyes that see
We name the fable
Romney Rove and Ailes
And show how Satan's wiles are doomed to fail

For every depredation they let loose
We come back strong like Teddy's old Bull Moose
Exposing their fascism and their bile
And gathering the people all the while
Until an endless army of the Lord 
Crosses the Red Sea
And votes democracy
And all are one
Save those who still don't see
And even they one day will be
Among those who are all that they will be

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