Who Knows Us By Our Fruits?

A key statement of Peirce and of Jesus before him
is that by our fruits we shall be known
It is not hard to figure out what our fruits are
That would be our output
Everything all of it anything that comes out of us
Jesus did exempt natural excrescences
limiting his designation to the products of the heart
From the heart comes the entire spectrum of each of us
from wicked and dead wrong
to seraphic and right on
When my friend Will Campbell said
we are all bastards but God loves us anyway
he was suggesting that there is something to love
in every person
Indeed if you guess at the riddle of life
you realize that Abba
is somehow part of us all
and that is is Abba who knows us
by our fruits
And since our hearts operate in season and out
none of us is without fruits we wish had never seen the light of day 
and none of us is without fruits that are admirable
and finally it makes no difference
save in the unintended but real consequences
of everything we do
Wherefore we say
We are indeed all bastards
And Abba does indeed love us
being the only One who actually knows us

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