Wikipedia is Wickedpedia when it comes to besmirching reputations

I place few in the pantheon of those worthy of highest respect 
people I would not say I know and am friends with 
for fear of posing or trying to impress
One such person sought my assistance in correcting a Wikepedia bio
She had tried many times to do a factual edit
Each time she was rebuffed and unacceptable copy was returned 
Worse was the material in a section of criticism
It was bilious and erroneous
She provided me with a replacement for the initial info
and I successfully entered it
But when I tried repeatedly to amend the critical part 
with a balancing statement
the result was a standoff
and now Wikipedia has told me my efforts 
are not welcome
They say I am biased
If I were biased I would have zapped the entire criticism
Whatever process Wikipedia uses to create
final entries
is deeply flawed when
such incidents become
Wikipedia is 
when it comes to besmirching 
the reputations of
people who deserve better
It will get no support from me
And I devoutly hope no one will undertake to
memorialize me there

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