Health care was a rehearsal for general reform in the USA

Health care was a rehearsal for general reform in the USA
Health care regardless of what happens is improved
The political trajectory for health care will inevitably be compromise
Obama was absolutely correct in pushing health care reform
when he did
Every area of American existence needs reform similar to ACA
The bloated and bribe-soaked Pentagon requires a massive overhaul
The work on education will not be resolved until we 
create walkable child-friendly communities
Our mangled and unjust prison system needs massive reform top to bottom
Every area of reform was presaged in Senator Obama's 
initial agenda which remains unchanged
The only thing that can halt Obama reforms is a massive
GOP rout in November
It is the scope of the change we need that accounts for
the unseemly virulence of the GOP
I think these changes are long overdue and
can reverse national decline
I think the GOP recipe is to delay and eviscerate
change hoping for miracles
The only miracle that has ever existed is the spirit
or force within humankind
and our capacity to will and enact
the values of tolerance democracy helpfulness 
and non-idolatry

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