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If this is environmental non-partisanship, give me a break

Press Kit for Citizens for Affordable Energy: "The current administration's so-called "new energy system" and its reliance on wind, solar, biofuels and so-called green jobs political fraud on the American electorate, causing harm from rising expectations, wasteful spending, and the indeterminate higher costs of a government subsidized energy system that is decades away from either commercial viability or material contribution to the energy supply."

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We have the prospect of a both-and solution to the energy crisis and to getting out of the economic ditch we are in, but not if the energy folk claim to be centrist and essentially refuse to see the real issue.

Both-and means yes, we accept the need to create an energy world where the US creates the bulk of its energy domestically. We even accept that with sensible regulation oil and natural gas will serve us for a time.  We are hardly bullish on biofuels which have played a role in skewing agriculture toward the creation of destruction.

The and part consists of a pragmatic willingness to work at wind, water and solar until we have lavished a comparable amount of our resources as we did to subsidize the oil business in its infancy. It means to work politically to achieve sensible compromise on measures that will advance a both-and economy.

The light at the end of the tunnel is renewed prosperity due to the revival of a hopeful middle class training up to create an energy-independent nation that runs more and more on the combined power of minds focused on the commonweal.

I think I have just expressed the general view of the Obama Administration and suggested that the  Citizens for Affordable Energy stop seeing this as a battle when it is actually a response to market realities that nobody can control.

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