Moods Will and Freedom A Good Morning Tweet

Moods are not will
They're what they are
They change as quick as bird's wings flutter
Or remain fixed like rusted bolts
Let's call them us

Will is our name for energy
Propulsion that is what it is
It's simply there
Receptive to
Inputs impulses 
It carries our lives forward
For as Albert Schweitzer said
We are life that wills to live
Midst life that wills to live

Freedom is
The mystery 
The grace
A dim or sharp reality within
Whose property is choice
Whose character is formed by choices made

Of these three moods are mystery
And will is like what idles and then moves
And freedom is always and ever waiting 
For sweet choices to be made
Like a ballerina
On seeing
Bounding kangaroo 

Good Morning

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