The Mythological Bipartisan Council of Mega Brains

A few premises one might consider
when we finally assemble mega experts 

A mega-shift that is needed
to recast
a society so stratified that it is laughable
a sprawl that even now lapses into decay
a policy of zoning that only aids stratification
a construction industry that is retro and riddled with corruption 
an economy that has no relation to life on the ground

A mega shift to create models of communities 
where having a vital local economy is the starting point
where living 
working and recreating 
and educating
takes place in the same walkable area
where cars and other fossil-fuel suicide machines
are peripheral
designed to recede 
not to rule the roost

I shall stop here because I lose people
when I start to actually explain
But at least give me the benefit of your doubt  
And if you think this makes sense 
follow the labels

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