Patriotism is idolatry Abba's way is non-idolatry

Patriotism including worship of a flag 
is idol worship - idolatry
Idolatry ascribes worth or value
to things that are not worthy
No human venture is fully worthy
No human being is fully worthy
Human ventures are partial
imperfect subject to corruption

Abba's way values tolerance democracy
helpfulness and non-idolatry 
These work together when we choose them
to advance history

We may have deep love of country
but not idolize it
Love that does not idolize is real
deep and true

When we accept the values of Abba's way
we are not subscribing to a religion
We are acknowledging a universal path for all
We are ordering our lives 
as they should be ordered
These values are within us
willing them is natural
We find ourselves when we see and practice this

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