GOP ad repeats Obama-robs-medicare lie, ends with calculated "It ain't right" coda and other Recent Tweets 8/26/12 2:47 PM

GOP ad repeats Obama-robs-medicare lie, ends with calculated "It ain't right" coda. It worked vs Dukakis-Kerry. It won't work now.
I do not think this election will be tighter than 2004. The best campaign will win decisively. That would be Obama2012.
Be pretty funny if all the vile intrusive GOP PAC Swiftboat Big Lie ads became THE reason GOP lost across the boards.
Hayek didn't want to conserve anything. TP is not obstruction. It's destruction. - NYT Magazine
Campaign In 100 Seconds: Obama has overhauled the food safety system Ended Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) ETC!
Mitt Romney Led "Gang of Bullies" - Presidential Elections 2012 - Fieger Law - YouTube 
I will never pay a nickel for an online review of a book I wrote
"Corn ethanol is a horrible fuel from every environmental and ethical perspective, yet one that received $6 billion in… 
Aavaz says Russia is steadily slipping into the grip of a new autocracy -- so r we unless we vote and stop Koch & Co.
Mitt's Hispanic vote prospects dip substantially with Ryan pick.
"The people know that the GOP aim is passage of draconian measuresthat complete the assassination of middle class Amer…
"The people know that Democrats favored compromise as the GOP subverted the possibility of compromise " 
"The people know that on 1/20/09 Grover Norquist and his GOP quislings plotted to subvert governance" 
"This year the GOP Willie Horton Swift Boat strategy will backfire big time" 
"The GOP thrives on making liberals mad and then playing the innocent" 
Romney Ryan are planning to play the race card by denying that they are playing the race card | ShortFormContent at Bl…
Romney considers everything with care. His birther "joke" was planned. We face ten weeks of Willie Horton on steroids.
So Romney has basically opened the door to class warfare and blatant racism down to the wire.
So what's new Mitt? "A campaign infused with a sharper edge and overtones of class and race." 
RT : He's got money, staff, advisors & a crazy base who would elect a potato if it got rid of Obama & he STILL can't function. 
Iimpossible to believe that an informed electorate will buy into the long list of reactionary positions that the Repub…
"Romney’s Momentum Fades Slightly Heading Into Conventions" /Nate 538
Car free communities that have all amenities of life a walk away. In that sentence lies economic recovery 
Obama has passed at least one foreign policy litmus test. He is unlikely to get us into another ground war. Romney?
Intelligence is no guarantee of being right on any matter of judgment. Romney "predecessor" Bob McNamara showed that re: Vietnam.
"Marshall every sane artist and creator to immediately start doing original work to dramatize every flaw of the GOP "
In the Texas constitution it is forbidden to teach critical thinking in the public schools.
NSA Domestic Spying Program  /Endangering democracy is evil whether spying or voter suppression
"Stop catering to the wishes of anti-choice extremists and start listening to women." 
DCCC and Obama Campaign should make September the month we out raise Romney. Makes more sense to have such a focus.
Our massive prison system illustrates the melding of "back in chains" and Romney Ryan privatization. It sits volatile and unaddressed.
RT : Dear , please drop your sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh show. Don't support his attacks on women. 
Shame on the Ohio GOP! Tell Ohio’s Secretary of State Jon Husted to reinstate fair early voting rules! Via  
Partisanship has gotten so bad that conservatives are faulting Obama for being willing to negotiate with Republicans.
I believe the Democratic Convention will expose the Big Lie GOP for what it is - an empty suit dipped in bile with no moral compass.
Romney and Ryan Are Literally Death to Women and Other Salient Tweets from August 2012 
Obama has not raised the deficit a penny. He has lowered the 1.5 trillion deficit he inherited from W 
Mitt: "We had never intended our contributions to be known." This is ridiculously untrue.  /Maddow
RT : Team Obama To Mark 100 Days Until Election With 4200 Events  via 
Oil Cheney Oil Koch Oil BP Oil Frack Big Oil Oil Spill Oil War Oil Crimes | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
What is CNN becoming? And if "embedding" a reporter in a campaign causes the journalist to lose objectivity, then stop…
By the time Romney left office, Massachusetts’ unemployment rate was higher than the national average for the first ti…
"The Romney Programme for Economic Recovery, Growth and Jobs” is like “Fifty Shades of Grey” without the sex"
I wonder if Mitt ever thought about tax avoidance as a form of robbery | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
Entire foreign income tax code needs to be de-loopholed big time. Romney raised our taxes by escaping his. 
Mr. Romney’s comments seemed a turnabout from his accusation when he said Mr. Obama was running a negative campaign.
RT : Now GOP Senators are on record as opposing tax relief for 98 percent of the American people.
The GOP is small / Very small / And we will beat them by cool and scornful characterizations of their evasive effort…
RT : Mitt will play GOP neocon on his Commander Impersonation Tour and remind us of the last GOP neocon president.
Hey Mitt your records detail investments that hurt asbestos workers and squeezed folk in central Africa. Just joking.
Coming Soon to a Convention near you Birther-in-Chief Mitt Romney and his Seven Little Birthers. Free bile for all. Wingnuts welcome.
Herbert Hoover business background The Great Depression George W. Bush failed businesses The Great Deficit Mitt Romney Tax Evader ???
No one knows what another $ billion of dirty Koch-Adelson PAC money can or will do. We need to prepare for the worst and win!
Final Tweet: Prez should strike a note that dwells on the inability of Romney to have a coherent campaign. Sort of: Grow up.
Romney's birther "gaffe"? Pundits fail to see this HELPS Mitt Romney. And not just with the wingnuts.
Birther-in-Chief - a title that now belongs to Mitt Romney. He will never be Commander in Chief.
Dubious Mitt Birther-in-Chief Recent Tweets 8/24/12 12:27 PM ET | ShortFormContent at Blogger 

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