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John McCain lost to Barack Obama four years ago. Now we have reason to be doubly grateful. And other recent tweets 8/29/12 8:43 PM ET

John McCain lost to Barack Obama four years ago. Now we have reason to be doubly grateful.

Undecided voter Ron Paul should vote for Barack Obama. The President is more genuinely for America than Mitt Romney is.

The President is wasting no time responding to GOP lies. He stands tall. Dems stand tall. The lassitude today is in Tampa.

After his Medicare and Medicaid cuts, Ryan slashes "everything else" minus any details.

"Ryan’s main cut isn’t to health care for old people. It’s to health care for poor people." 

"The only ones who profited in a big way from all the job-killing debt that Romney leveraged were Mitt and his buddies…

The stage is set for a Democratic attack on Romney that will have ten times the punch of this summer's effort. All true.

"Mitt Romney is one of the greatest and most irresponsible debt creators of all time." 

We may now say that Mitt Romney has an AKA - Dr. Debt. Bain bought it and sold it. Forget products. Forget Mitt.

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital | Politics News | Rolling Stone 

Florida's importance - "Mr. Romney has only a 0.3 percent chance of winning the election if he loses the state."  /Nate

That old GOP convention bounce seems to be going Obama's way according to Nate who shows the President gaining ground.

Mitt looked pained last night. With good reason. NYT paper and digital gave Isaac the lead this morning. Bet that's a first.

Thanks, Ann, for suggesting this as our slogan. "You CAN'T trust Mitt!"

Reposting this disturbing indication of what is driving the GOP

"Apparently now Romney does not intend to release even two years of tax returns." 

There is little philosophical difference. It is a control fight. It really is us versus them.

A Troubling Chant on the Convention Floor—By Jack Hitt (Harper's Magazine) 

Mitt looks as enthusiastic as a senile lobster.

Everything Romney is going to do to get elected is what Christie condemns.

Christie manages to submarine Ann and make a campaign speech - for Chris Christie. .

GOP mouths the old Clinton mantra about working hard and playing by the rules. Mitt worked hard circumventing the rules.

Mitt made the Olympics happen ... with a huge transfusion from the federal government.

GOP is pledged to turn back the hard-won rights of every group in the US that has fought and died to secure these rights.

The racist outline of the Romnay campaign has been written. At the center the welfare lie. We need to call this as Axe did. Slime.

Charlie Crist on endorsing President Obama. "I didn't leave the party the party left me."

Your GOP future appearing at Tampa - Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio.

Boehner cannot call for a vote facing opposition even at his party convention.

MSNBC airs Romney LIE ad on welfare without flagging its untruth. Thus buying into the lie. Disgusting.

They are trying to turn Sununu from Rottweiler to lapdog. Dream on

GOP slams Obama for raising taxes on job creators. All he is doing is zapping Bush tax cuts on the +$250K set.

Roger Cohen NYT skewering of Obama says more about petulant ex-Obama supporters than the cause of today's impasse - a traitor GOP.

"The forecast projects a six- or seven-point victory for Mr. Obama in Michigan " 

Odd that D'Souza faults Obama for opposing exactly what the founding fathers opposed. Tea Party blindness...

Stanley Fish calls D'Souza's Obama attack movie "a long and elaborately produced campaign ad" 

"Debt falsehoods like the ones promoted by D'Souza are popular among the conservative media." 

D'Souza is less a conservative than a hatchet man making 30 pieces of silver at our expense.

The conservatives are not against big government. They are against any government they cannot manipulate and control.

The 'live by the rules' meme for Romney has meant taking advantage of rules made for the privileged, rules we should zap.

Romney and Trump are peas in a pod not merely politically but as businessmen.

Combine the lead male characters in Wall Street and You've Got Mail and you get ... Mitt Romney.

Romney forces plan to divide the convention that was going to make us love Mitt. 

Mitt planned his little joke and it will not go away. Tom Brokaw may be a gray eminence. But he is not a good analyst.

Romney campaign recipe. Spread bald faced lies. Check focus groups. Promote lies that work with wall to wall PAC ads..

GOP skirts ethical constraints, honors billionaire donors - money-launderer Adelson, mega-polluter Koch. Obscene, shameless.

Mitt is merely making it mandatory that all of his affairs be open to serious examination. He multiplies the questions daily.

GOP believes they are being robbed. And that we are the robbers. Live and let live is heresy to them.

I think Mitt is actually oblivious to the harm he has done and the harm he could do in prospect. 

Endess discussion of what someone dead meant is the last refuge of uncreative scholars and their uncritical students.

Where Mitt's tax returns? Are any MSM vetting the Gawker Bain trove? Will the NYT get investigative on Mitt?

Mitt Romney is not running against the MSM. The MSM gives him a pass on anything that could truly sink him.

Good choice,Mitt - "Mr. Ryan has actually co-sponsored more of these (anti-abortion) measures than Mr. Akin." 

Ryan is Romney's ticket to activating wingnut money and votes. That should be a warning to all that the ticket is toxic.

Romney crying now, projecting his default MO on the President. Why buys it? 

GOP Too divided to govern. Too right wing to trust.

Tampa will survive Isaac unless the deity decides to zap the GOP entirely. 

Those "nasty" Obama attacks freak out the GOP brass and remind us that the days of Dems rolling over is. er, over.

Actually Obama has achieved more in lowering taxes and shrinking government than the GOP.

The GOP acts like it wants less government and lower taxes. Not how it worked out under Reagan or Bushes.

My letter to the President - Give a national address. Set September as the month you will out raise Romney | ShortForm…

" In Iowa, voters will hear how clean energy would be slashed under the Romney-Ryan budget, threatening Iowa’s status…

"In Florida, voters will hear how experts have said that the Romney-Ryan plan turns Medicare into a voucher and takes…

Romney's Creepy Fake Cop Act Extends To Staffers | Crooks and Liars 

Romney lied by omission in his WSJ op ed Friday. Government bailed him out during the Olympics.

MSNBC Romney documentary is Capraesque. A true one would include cop impersonation and bullying. Far from the tree.
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