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31mStephen C. Rose ‏@stephencrose
Biden: McConnell decided to withhold all cooperation even before we took office - Washington Post 

The Romney Racist Welfare Lie - Mitt Romney’s campaign has hit new depths of truth-twisting. 

"Mr. Romney’s empty promises to magically turn around the economy are losing effectiveness." 

Rience Priebus is a transparent sign of GOP bankruptcy - all they have is their hate of the President.

GOP know it is involved in a mass conspiracy fomented by Norquiet, Cantor, McConnell and others. Hate Obama is their only platform.

Good. Al is raising the GOP conspiracy. MSM should follow suit. GOP treason period. 

Romney wants his taxes, business record off table /Dream on Mitt!

Mildred Purse Channels Mitt and Ann Veep Pillow Talk | ShortFormContent at Blogger 

Mitt Romney used to impersonate police officers for fun - Detroit liberal |   /story is creeping up

Welfare has gone to the likes of Trump vastly more than to the poor. Gaming government is the lawyer's cash cow.

"Rep. Pete Sessions (R, Tx-32)Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R, Tx-5)(Ex) Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R, Mi-2)"  3 conspirators vs Obama

Probably time for many nuns to reject Papal control and depend on the deity to approve their act of conscience.

Your mission today. Write to the GOP conspirators on this list. They are on Twitter too. 

Skewering the GOP is easy. Beating them is harder. We can do it if we fight as hard as the President is.

Vote for Barack Obama not merely to beat Romney but to offset any "Nader 2000" events.

Harry's source is any Bain insider who knows the numerous ways to completely avoid federal tax. Plausible and hardly rocket science.

Listening to Morning Joe is an invitation to heartburn all morning. Coffee sans TV is my solution.

I go more with what my brain remembers than the new weather! I love you! i ii iii yoko (Follow me on Instagram - I'm  )

Anyone who does not believe the GOP conspired to ruin President Obama needs to be reminded ... 

RT : What is more serious Mitt Romney's Cranbrook bullying (known) or his Stanford cop imitation (a crime - widely ignored)?...

The GOP has concluded that it cannot win by democratic means. Voter suppression kills democracy. The GOP kills democracy.

For profit colleges get their pay from government in the form of loans to students. Everyone loses. Except the Romney donors and their ilk.

For profit colleges are the pits. Mitt is for them. Mitt is also the pits.

If Holder and company do not get injunctions our only choice is to mass march to polls nationwide and humble those in power.

We can counter voter suppression only with the equivalent of 1960s civil rights marches. State by state. Nonviolent. Overcoming.

Ohio is exacting the equivalent of a poll tax in Democratic leaning counties.

GOP is dismantling the Voting Rights Act. Holder, act!

Rachel is unveiling Ohio's criminal pursuit of voter suppression. Yet another ignored story.

 I just read 's tweet that MI voters are being refused ballots EVEN AFTER they've met their various poll taxes!

Not sure if the Romney camp realizes what a huge opening they've just created for Ds on Obamacare 

The deficit would be erased back to Clinton zero level if the GOP would shelve its false ideology.

MSM distorts Dem vs. GOP $$ race. Dem donors outnumber GOP 4-1. Media suggests it's an even contest.
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