The true parallel with 2012 may well be 1968

1968 is 2012 in these ways

Nixon faced a close election challenging an incumbent
and said he would fix things
and chose a hatchet man for Veep named Spiro Agnew
Making allowances for Nixon's greater political intelligence
you have Romney-Ryan

Despite a boatload of progress the Democrats were
nearly crushed by the weight of two 1968 assassinations
King and RFK
Obama is not Hubert Humphrey
but he faces a dispirited electorate
inclined to sit on its hands

Nixon and hatchet-man won and both were
ultimately hounded out of office for
various acts of criminality
Democrats faced decades of
attempted readjustment and unconscionable
willingness to feed at the same trough as Republicans did
We had no glimmer of reform and progress until Obama

The result of our rejection of Humphrey by our lassitude
was to strengthen a right wing that is now so toxic
that even a gulllible electorate may this year begin to notice 
If this noticing does not take place we face
exactly the situation that existed following Nixon's victory
That was 44 years ago
A lot of society has crumbled since then

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