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Becoming Barack | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms and other recent tweets 9/2/12 9:52 AM ET

Becoming Barack | Watch the Documentary Film Free Online | SnagFilms 
Senator Tom Coburn met with Ryan, Cantor and other GOP conspirators and vowed to stop Obama the night of his inaugurat…
RT : Romney is going down because he cannot convey anything that people admire or like.
RT  That just shows Obama ispowerful and doingwhat isright.It isthreatening powerful people.Yes he is Equality forall
Responses show exactly why we need to work very hard to make 1/20/12 central to a true narrative of the past four years.
No politician has been hated as intensely as Obama is since FDR. And by the same corrupt, greedy interests.
A group of republican politicians conspired to overturn the government and oust democratically elected rival politicia…
Gingrich confirmed the meeting took place on Jan 20, 2009 at the Caucus Club Restaurant in DC. Participants were sworn…
The Original 1/20/09 Conspiracy Article Where Is The Outrage? or When is Treachery Not UnAmerican?  /Send it everywhere
We tweeted 1/20/09 GOP Stop-Obama conspirators. Tomorrow the silent media. Creating pressure. This conspiracy is the true narrative.
Sen. Jim DeMint conspired with Kyl, Frank Luntz and others 1/20/09 to make Obama fail. They betrayed their country.
Senator Tom Coburn met with Ryan, Cantor and other GOP conspirators and vowed to stop Obama the night of his inauguration 1/20/12.
On 1/20/09 Newt Gingrich conspired with GOP leaders to stop Obama in his tracks for 4 years. Now the word is out. And the GOP failed.
Among the GOP conspirators who plotted to stop President Obama on 1/20/12 was , placing party above country and [eople.
Senator  violated his oath when he met and conspired with GOP leaders 1/20/09 to halt Obama. He defended party, not country.
"If you care about the federal deficit and national debt, Romney isn't your guy." 
Mitt Deficit "A reduction in the federal corporate income tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent" 
Mitt Deficit "An across-the-board 20 percent reduction in "marginal individual income tax rates"" 
RT : "On top of the Romney-proposed increases in Pentagon spending, here are his additional (substantia...
Welcome new followers and thanks to retweeters. Sorry to inundate you with GOP conspiracy tweets but it's for a good cause. Obama12.
Twitter Addresses of GOP Conspirators to Destroy Obama Presidency of 1/20/09 | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
Ex-Sen. John Ensign's Twitter account is protected. He was at the 1/20/09 Conspiracy meeting of GOP leaders to bring down the President.
Rep. Dan Lundgren has no Twitter account but was one of the 9/20/09 GOP conspirators who agreed to make the nation ungovernable.
RT : Ehud Barak - "President Obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that I can rem...
Romney remains damaged goods and we need to keep on the case - Paul Singer deals, cop impersonation, tax fraud and evasion.
The difference between Romney winning and losing the nomination lay in the failure of media to share the full truth about him.
Ratings for the final two nights of the Republican convention were down quite a bit from 2008, declining by about 30 p… 
How a Twitter Army Can Stop the Romney Ryan Lie Machine and Help The Democrats Regain Control 
We need to Tweet Bomb traitorous 1/20/09 Stop Obama plotters named here. . Ryan, Norquist, Coburn, Kyl, etc.
"The GOP thrives on making liberals mad and then playing the innocent" 
Hey Mitt - Clint was OKd - "A slip-up inside the button-down, corporate-style headquarters of the Romney campaign."
Dem Convention Message - Despite Bush Disaster and GOP 1/20/09 Block Obama Conspiracy, we prevailed big time.
GOP convention TV ratings declined 30 percent. Betcha Dem ratings do better. Even without Clint.
The Big Lie was used by a nation that lost twice. The Big Lie is used by the GOP. The GOP will lose twice.
Hey Mitt, Republican Troops Keeping Ryan’s Budget Plan at Arm’s Length 
RT : Quin poll gives Obama nice margins over Romney among women and independents. Rove's Lie Op is sure to take note.
  Please contact every GOP conspirator named here to viral this baby. We are not there yet.
Hey Mitt we've now pushed this GOP 1/20/09 conspiracy story to the NYT. The truth about the last 4 years. More 2 come. 
Sorry Mitt -Anti-Obama country concert in Charlotte is canceled
Gosh Mitt you cant get rid of Ben now and he just might help get rid of you with a little Fed action.
 You never wanted Obama to succeed. You and other GOP anti-patriots worked together to bring him down from the start.
We are winning the narrative battle. Now no one can say the Obama years were not years of GOP conspiracy to sink the President.
You better believe we have power on Twitter. Today finally the story outlined here  hit both the NYT and Hardball.
RT Here is a list of the GOP conspirators who met 1.20.2009 to bring down the President 
"Romney does not intend to release even two years of tax returns. This does cook him" 
Hopefully the next 2 months of continued lies by Romney & Ryan will convince the majority that they are beyond trustin…
Clint wasted ten minutes of prime time making a fool of himself. In his defense, the GOP has wasted four years doing the same thing.

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