Let's Get the Connection Clear - Big Oil =GOP = Attack Obama = Steal Election

Above the graphic the headline
It speaks true
Under Bush Cheney plotted with Big Oil
and all the horrendous and demonic 
unreality of the Bush era was Big Oil driven

The whole edifice of our economy is
the product of the wedding of Big Oil 
and the Military Industrial machine
It dictates the shape and design
of our society

To take it back we need to win this election
if only to show that we can stand up and that democracy
is an ontological value

We will not solve everything in the next four years
but the next four weeks are as fateful as the last four weeks
in 1968 when the final light of that time turned off 
and Big Oil smiled

Oh did I tell you that Big Oil is a dinosaur that is extinct
We have that as a consolation
as we witness its final effort to do us in 

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