My Sunday Sermon for Today - Yes They Sometimes Invite Me

In a few minutes Joss will pick me up and we'll go to Trinity on West 57th Street
An open welcoming church that has little standing 
This places it well 
given the general history of churches with standing
I plan to distribute copies of the above
It requires little elucidation
It is a universal spiritual survival kit
a gift that has no price
The words are an interpolation of the only prayer Jesus taught
The values are an apt inference 
Taken together 
in a unity 
they account for human progress such as it is
They are within everyone
they are ontological
they trump all other values
Used daily 
this kit
serves me and
 I only wish I had used it all along
It heals
It mends
It reminds me of the contracts of life
The rules of the road

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