Right wing attack dogs want Mitt to pulverize Obama and other recent tweets 9/12/12 10:00 AM ET

Romney tax plan "won’t work because there aren’t enough available loopholes to make up for the rate cut. " 

Right wing attack dogs want Mitt to pulverize Obama, Mitt tries. It flops. Mitt veers. It flops. RW has flop-o-plexy.

In Mr. Romney’s dorm closet hung parts of a Michigan state trooper’s uniform.  /finally noted in NYT news. but...

RT : There are more than 913,000 veterans in Ohio. Mitt Romney wants to give them all less time to vote.

The Republican Plan To 'Destroy' Obama Started at 12.01 January 20th 2009 - YouTube  /keep this alive every day

Bush and Cheney cannot conceal the actual history of their inept and nationally destructive rule. It's starting to come out.

In light of Bush's horrendous pre-911 performance Romney's avoidance of foreign policy is another nail in his already nail heavy coffin.

W's stock is lower than ever with revelations that he was briefed well before the August 6 memo - numerous times. Condi lied. Bush lied.

Can't wait until Obama asks Romney how many billion Adelson would get as a result of Romney policies. Kept media will never ask.

Romney’s Insensitivity To LGBT People: ‘I Didn’t Know You Had Families’ - Democratic Underground 

The missing element in the Democratic narrative is the actual meeting the GOP had 1/20/09 when they conspired to bring Obama down.

Barber shop talk - Clear people have a GOOD sense of Obama and NO sense whatsoever of Romney. Unknowns lose.

A nuclear armed Iran is unacceptable. That is US policy under Obama and should be the policy of all nations.

Romney-Ryan & the criminal GOP threaten our economy, our security and our democracy. We cannot let up.

The Florida GOP has folk who are the absolute dregs when it comes to intolerance and outright disdain for others.

Support GOP besmirched Big Apple Pizza 2311 S 35th St Fort Pierce, FL 34981 (772) 466-8303 Mon-Sun 10:30 am - 10 pm /via Kos

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” ― Mahatma Gandhi /via Kos

If businesses see we are going green and beyond they will invest. It is GOP retro-thinking that is stalling things.

Republicans who want change in their party should vote Democratic as a sign that the GOP incumbents have failed miserably.

Romney wants to recover a deadly toxic economy. Obama wants to move to green and beyond.

Increasingly the narrative is Obama is OK the GOP is the problem we have to deal with at the polls.

"Voters expect answers, and the Republicans are demonstrating only shallowness." 

"Mr. Romney thought the weak economy would give him a pass on specifics." 

In Romney we are witnessing the deconstruction of the GOP as it moves toward becoming a shattered minority..

The number one issue now is getting rid of the retrograde GOP wherever it is stonewalling change.

By the end of the week the hard right choir will be crying for Mitt to get a specific conservative message. He will comply.

It was wait for the debate. If the polls keep hammering Mitt the debates may be anticlimactic.

The GOP has no one left who does not look like a fool in prime time.

RT : Every GOP-Rove criticism of the President has the hollow ring of desperate mendacity.

A candidate with no likability, a party with no message, attacks that don't work - give up GOP

As Romney begins to tank another great reason not to elect him - he would bring on the fiscal cliff. Obama could arrest it.

RT : Long, but important:  Investigation: Mitt Romney’s Offshore Accounts, Tax Loopholes, an...

Obama is winning the referendum on the President AND the economy argument - what's left?
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