The economy will prosper when we understand that people want basic change that reflects new realities

The economy will prosper when we understand that people want 
basic change that reflects new realities
Current housing is retro and tied to the domination of the car
over every element of design 
Developing technology enables a quantum leap 
beyond the construction that created sprawl 
We want our communities to reflect the diversity
we have come to value in our society
We want housing that is flexible
rather than a premade cookie-cutter
We want and could easily have
communities with all the amenities of a city
within walking distance
The recovery of our economy is intimately related
to a growing will to create integral communities
where one can walk to everything 
because everything is within a mile 
The political risks of this approach are small because
people can initiate the creation of these
The goal will be denser communities
that are both safe and walkable
with squares and kiosks and places to sit
Communities large enough to create local economies
Communities freed of automobile traffic within
their borders
New design technologies
Architects will not design individual houses
but whole living and working and recreational areas
Zoning will be turned inside out
Our new frontier is face to face community everywhere
The nattering about unemployment begs the question
This is the vision
This is the answer

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