The Great 2000s Awakening - We Are Exposing the Corporate Wizard of Oz Game

I remember in the late 60s we tried
to connect the dots between
corporate games and our actual lives
In fact I believe we may have had
the first modern Wall Street protest
when we were fighting to get churches to agree to
reparations for years of ecclesiastical racism


Now we are connecting the dots
Koch products create and manifest sprawl. buff.ly/Pr43jW

I have tried through my work on Twitter
to establish a clear connection between
with Koch and other GOP attack and voter suppression efforts
and the desire of these forces to sustain the oppressive order they have created

Sprawl is its signature
but because most of us value aspects of it
it is a terribly difficult task
to link the highway you drive to work on
with the suppression at the polls
If you visit here you will find a good deal
that relates to this problem
and how to solve it

This election may be the biggest
step to connecting the dots
that we have had
bigger than 2008

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