The Sad Song of Karl Rove Failed Smear Artist

In Big Smear Land did Karl Rove live
where soldiers died by his decree
and even time would not forgive
what he did to an enemy
At night his smiling guard came down
and ghosts of dead men danced around
and even sinners dream a bit
and even Karl sensed this is it
He set his sights upon Barack
thinking I'm smart naught I lack
But all his ads somehow fell flat
And what could poor Karl make of that
Well if I cannot win with lies
I will suppress just like I did
Ah 2000 what memories
We aced it and the court agrees
But now Karl's crimes catch up with him
the luster he once had grows dim
The face that smiled a FOXy grin
Turns remorseful when done in
I shall not grace you with the end
because the end is yet to be
Suffice to say if you read this
the end will be just what you see 
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