A Simple Theory of Communication - Sign Blunt Truth Experiment

One derives from Charles Sanders Peirce the notion of
thinking in threes  
(Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes)
This enables all manner of movement
beyond binary thinking
My theory not Peirce's 
I do not pretend to interpret him
Just a user
The theory is that we begin with a sign
which cannot always be named
it could be an impulse a color anything
Whatever it is 
the second stage is
whatever blunt truth it bumps up against
In binary thinking 
this could be an either or
And there communication might end
My way or ...
It is at the third stage that meaningful communication
of a truly revolutionary sort
takes place
For the third is always an experiment or an hypothesis
that becomes an effort to resolve the first and the second 
an advance of some sort
Just an example
Thus if Romney is the sign (1)
and all of the baggage he brings is the blunt truth (2)
voting for Obama is the experiment (3) we might perform

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