Between Obama and Romneysia Man What is to choose - A Saturday Poesy

Suspended Train

Between Obama and Romneysia Man
What is to choose
Obama's sane consistent
The other man so self-concerned that
in his very step
there is such paucity of faith
that stutter and evasion rule
To plumb the reasons why
this seeming crazy element
can hook the populace
you must consider
that our very culture
has the very strains 
of this Romneysia
The hype the con the come-on and the lie
have all been plumbed by Luc Sante
whether on back road or wide screen
It is no mystery
We are inured to pain
Or life would become so responsible
we'd die of being bored
So every reasonable trope and argument
must be considered impotent
to pick the scab of this excrescence
this sad gang rape of us
It happens in full view
and mystifies
those who like sleep walkers
sans seeing
There is a borderline 
between better and worse
Obama knows that borderline 
and considers ways ahead
Romneysia Man goes back and forth
with the ease of a tripping oldster
gathering gold coins
like candies wrapped in paper
A good con is the best that most can do
A bad con leads to hidden corpses
and to tears that no one sees or cares about
This cannot be solved by changing minds
Only by finding eyes that see
and seeing hear and  understand
turning daily for forgiveness
and praying hit the polls
to save us from
the monster at the door
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