We Are At The End of Oil Sing Praise - A Quatrain

The underlying issue of the current campaign
is the impending end of oil
The forces that would protect the oil economy 
have been dominant for a century
They are evident in the shape of things now
They are the rulers of the GOP
The funders of the PACs
The voices of the right
And from their point of view they are the realists
But their reality is chimera
and their behavior is a sign of their own desperation
Since we are in tune with reality
with the continuity of things
why don't we simply wait for the change to come
The answer lies in a simple truth
It is the values we choose that dictate how reality can emerge
We are all the co-creators of history
As the oil economy grinds to a halt
we act on our values of
tolerance democracy and helpfulness
and on our core value of non-idolatry
to build the new world right under the nose of the old
That is what this blog relates to

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