How can Romney be gaining How can this election be close I can only answer by saying ...

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How can Romney be gaining
How can this election be close
I can only answer by saying
Americans don't know what I know
Americans don't believe what I believe
American's don't feel what I feel
I know ten things I could reel off the top of my head
why Romney poses a risk to our country and why Obama 
has the better chance to guide things securely over the next four years
I believe many things
and none of them adds up to a belief 
that Romney would be anything but a disaster 
to us all
And I feel a blank sense of 
having said everything and 
been right
but cannot answer the question posed above 
and so the feeling is a sinking one
Either I am tired
or I am losing faith
You see I trust the American People
I trust that they will choose in their own clear interest 
a candidate who will do his best for them
rather than one who will game us through
four or eight years of the sort of hell Bush put us through
Romney is already a bad dream
threatening to become a chronic nightmare 
And yet seemingly half the people I say I trust
believe that the conclusion I have drawn is either wrong or
or otherwise off the mark 
It will be too late if I finally come to see
that everything I saw but fought
has somehow morphed into a perfect storm 
that yields up the worst result possible
Then I will have to say
democracy is crucified
bought by the scions of Ayn Randian hard-heartedness
and steel myself for what I have also predicted
a century-long battle to midwife the world into 
beyond the Armageddon mindlessness that has
eaten away at reason
and shredded it
under our feet

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