Note Sent To Folk Planning a 100th Anniversary Charles Sanders Peirce Event

Themes I would like to see

How does Peirce impact Aristotle's ethics? I believe he opens the way to understand values as ontological and tied to human will.

How does Peirce relate to Nietzsche? I believe both pave the way for the death of religion and its evolution into a global spirituality based on values - lived in the immanent frame.

These are well outside the realm of Peirce studies though not of what can be inferred from reading Peirce.

I am not an academic but I believe academic specialization is one of the main barriers to appreciating the revolution that Peirce and Nietzsche launched and which is now in progress.

It is the move from binary to triadic thinking. The ethical element is my inference and my attempt to build past both N and P.

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