The mask of Romney reveals a face so unaware of inner crimes that it comes off as innocent

The mask of Romney 
Reveals a face so unaware of inner crimes 
that it comes off as innocent 
in the eyes of the unknowing American citizens 
who think that everything's OK
 We are told not to judge biblically yet our decisions 
made by our votes determine fates 
Armies fall
and body bags filled with our finest are
irreverently dumped by this Romney
imitating Bush 2
His inner crimes were done by keyboard click 
transferring money to killers in foreign lands
What difference does it make to us
We see no evil
Or we watch so much of  it on TV that we're numb
We gaze down on gadgets for which we pay
our monthly hundred
caring less
Romney and Ryan
are the face of unalloyed evil
if they indeed embrace the following values in
their heart of hearts 
where will lives
lofting acts this way and that
a hatred of of democracy 
helpfulness to family alone
idolatry of everything and everyone
save the one who was forsaken
It is too much  for Romney and Ryan 
to deal with those 
invisible shriveled 55 year old prematurely aged others
or bold street boys with fearful doe eyes
or sreet workers within miles of where their soft music plays
or warehoused prisoners
dancing with their guards in their deathy hellish realm
Ignore all  reach for canapes
discuss caloric content
emulating finger movements seen on late night idiot boxes
Sick image
The smiling jackal no one sees
The career bound media star out in the boondocks
wondering will I pass muster in a bigger market
Not caring
I will not be in that body bag 
I will pontificate
Expatiate on decency until blue faced
and no one sees 
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the soul of evil
there I'll say it to their face
In past years I saw those deemed criminal close up
I cannot see beyond the auras of these two men
the penumbra round their heart will
wherewith to consume us
toss us out
or do us in
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