The Mitt Said To Have "Won" The Debate Is a Predatory Jackal and Pathological Liar

Like everyone else I have been trying to make sense of things
I have seen Mitt's bump
Before the first debate came noxious GOP voter suppression efforts
and  noxious GOP lying ads 
funded by deluded billionaires who owe their wealth to the President they hate
These efforts give four percent off the poll gap to Mitt
Given the six point gap Obama needs just to squeak by
we are now under threat
I did not see it that way during the debate
I saw Mitt as a predatory jackal rudely advancing unrestrained
lie after unrestrained bald-faced lie
 But from the subsequent wailing wall at MSNBC to dissembling Right Wing glee
the verdict was Mitt won
Now I know why
Enough Americans believed a man they met only once
Mitt's bald-faced lies were truth to them
They had never known different
It takes little effort to
establish the three points needed to re-achieve an Obama edge
Reassert the portrait of Mitt set forth before the debate
It's only part of what is true about Mitt
Reveal MORE truth from Gawker and Vanity Fair, etc.
The Right will cry foul but there is just too much there
Say Mitt was no different in the debate than before it
Only his lies changed
Point to the risks.
Use the lie word
Stop being nice
The American people want Democrats to show backbone
Call the media on such things as assuming that Romney
is doing something great when
he promises them exactly the number of jobs that are
anticipated to be gained no matter who is president
Refute the argument that Mitt is flexible
(like Reagan)
Today's GOP itself is not the GOP of the Reagan era
It is the child of the Ryan era
The you're on your own era
The screw the middle class forget the poor era
The war on women kill government era
If people want to hold a binary view of Mitt
they are welcome to do so
but we must point out that he would be a governing disaster
and say why

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From Binary to Triadic April 23, 2018

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