There is no new dynamic in the Presidential race. We are seeing the Romney plan unfold

I don't care if you buy the book if you circulate the message

The Romney plan from the start was to fake everyone out
A  determined loser and mediocre politician
Mitt had time connections money and brass
Now he is said to be capitalizing on new momentum
No Way!
He has conned the right
Now it is time to be taken for a centrist
There is no new Romney
the man on the debate stage
is a con artist and a liar
He will not be the darling of the right
He will not be the darling of the center
He will be the same con artist he has always been
Fibbing his way from day to day
With this difference
If elected given his reflexive fixed ideas
He will take us with him into a world of hurt
Do not believe what you have been told if people say there
is a beneficent new Mitt Romney
Do not believe he will not kill the Supreme Court
that he will not kill the deficit
that he will not do one horrible thing after another
while claiming it is a Great Thing
with Ira Magaziner-type panache
He will submit us to more predatory bullshit
He will serve the rich
He will eviscerate the rest of us
Be Doubly Aware
The man who imitated cops
and bullied gays
and demonstrated for the Vietnam War
while packing up for Paris
this man will make you long for
his predecessors
and wonder why you did not bestir yourself
to go out and vote to reelect President Obama
This little blog is a light hidden under a bushel
but sometimes it penetrates
It has the power to penetrate to all
It needs to do that now
so that a mesmerized populace
will not be faked out by this mediocre
representative of the very worst this country has produced
Romney is not even up to being Jay Gatsby

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