Locating Peirce's Division of Signs - Icons, Indices Symbols

In my Triadic Philosophy the base triad is
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
Peirce felt all thought is in signs and his triadic relations of performance or fact
are Icons Indices Symbols
An Icon points to but need not represent its object
(Nike comes to mind)
An index relates to the object it represents
A symbol stands in some way for what it represents
Peirce divided his base triads according to
kinds facts and laws


Triadic Philosophy
accepts all triads as spurs to thought
but builds on  Reality Ethics and Aesthetics
Reality covers the limit the mind has reached
within the continuity of our  existence
It is what we can perceive measure and describe
It is not supposition
It is boundaryless and yet limited
by our common fallibility
and its chronological continuity


The Semiotic in Triadic Philosophy
describes the manifold nature of reality
as it manifests itself
and in this context Peirce's categorical triads
function as modes of knowing
The uses of triads within Triadic Pholospophy
are mainly in the realm of
willed thought
in which one applies mind to
what rises from reality
then encounters its capture by
some blunt truth
and then moves to a measurable resolution 
or action


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