My Progressive Proposal Par Excellence Time for A Mass Migration

Election Data Dive - NYTimes.com: " Romney also won eight of the 10 states with the lowest population density: Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska and Utah. "

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Every one of my posts is an introduction to this blog which is an introduction to angles of visions shared by many but realized by few.

Part of the problem is one of expression, my own. I know what I want to see but I cannot draw it or even describe it very well.

But it is the solution in almost every area - politics, society whatever.

So here is a chunk. We could profit massively from a mass migration.

We do not need to be in this or that city. With a bit of brain power we could create the cells of urban living anywhere at all.

So go to the states where Romney won. Buy up defunct towns. Build new car-free cities on high enough ground that they will not flood when it rains.

We can solve the problem of polarization and social injustice by making residence voluntary and building in diversity from the gitgo.

Communities would have populations of 5-10K and everything within a walk of up to a mile.

Communities would be car free.

Construction would be cyber-eco past the clunkiness of most comtemporary construction.

This will revolutionize the whole world because it will involve applying smarts to human settlements and introduce community safety and weather-resistance into the discussion ,

Oh, and ...

Once we have the majority in these states we can sleep better on election night.

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