New Ideas for Post-Sandy Construction - Revised 11/29/2012

Do not rebuild rethink
Imagine a flood and plan beyond its reach


Post-Sandy construction should be an opportunity to
create new concepts of building and community

Among the concepts to consider


Either raise structures or move them to higher ground

Create new mass-prodsuced pre-fabricated smart surfaces - 
walls floors ceilings streets 

Create matrix's (skeletal structures) to support walls and other surfaces
and to carry all elements in and out of  living and working spaces

Stop building individual houses and imagine something past repeated 
apartments - create spaces for community life

Ultimately the space occupied by a stadiun could become a living
and working community for 5-10K people 

If a community is dense enough it can be car-free
with most everything in walking distance

When ways are clear they can be used for 
other than automobile transportation
moving surfaces rides etc

Rooms and other spaces like cars should
become standard models made remotely and delivered
in easily assembled parts

Create at least one public space for every four or so
living spaces 

Create stair free communities of no more than four levels
and build to withstand extreme weather
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