Tao of John 19 - The Seer's Messianic Attributes Must Be Balanced with The Goodness of His Deeds

The Seer's deeds are not made prominent
Instead the messianic haze is raised
Exclusive speculation rambles on
And in the end the Seer ends up praised
To wrestle with the messianic heart
of the New Testament text 
is easy enough for the non-believer
But what if the critic is one who
wishes to vindicate and hold up the true universality
of the Seer and his way
The deeds of the Seer are vouched for in John
but you could not list them beyond a few
gauzy miracles
What predominates is what predominated
within a few generations
back then
It was easier to create a supposition about the Seer 
that would conform with the priestly
dictates of religion
than to acknowledge that the Seer meant to change human beings
in this life and and to change the world
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