The two great scraps of paper note-takers were Peirce and Nietzsche

It will take this century for the change to begin taking root
Science will trace its synapses to the brain
but idealist realists in philosophy will know
it is our escape from the grip of
too many things to name
suffice to say that they
include terms like binary and nominalist

The two great scraps of paper note-takers were
Peirce and Nietzsche whose persons merged though
they knew not one another
Both presaged a move beyond the narrowness of religion
Both transmuted metaphysical into life
realized within the immanent frame
Peirce pushed forward more explicitly
but Nietzsche understood at a deep level
what now makes for a revaluation of values that
became his final conundrum


Keats preceded these note takers
and as poets will
presaged a saving binary
that gave birth to a saving triad
Beauty and Truth were One
to John
And knowing this was the foundation
of pragmaticism
Peirce's ever-unfinished philosophy
Now to essay a triad
Reality contains truth and beauty among other things
Ethics strains reality through who we are 
we fallible nomads of this universe
living by the ticking of the clock
Aesthetics determines the success of our experimental lives
Let them lack beauty and they will lack truth
Let the reverse be so
and truth will reign
Or as the song has it
We shall overcome


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