Triadic Philosophy One Reality Ethics Aesthetics

Triadic philosophy is a simple yet foundational
mode of thinkjng influenced by Charles Sanders Peirce
It thinks in threes
Firsts are realities rising and complete in themselves
the stuff that comes up
To name the first First Reality
is simply to identify this as the realm which bounds us
the penumbra
from which everything in thought and action proceeds
We could call it being or existence 
The Top First Image above denotes Reality
Seconds are blunt truths
even brutal oppositions
what we might call our realities
But because these are the objections and questions 
we bring to what rises
and because these questions all suggest values and choices
the foundational Second
may be called Ethics
The second image denotes Ethics

Thirds are the playing out of First and Second
in habits applications beliefs hypotheses  
The highest standard within Ethics
is achievement of the beautiful
The third image denotes Aesthetics

There are an infinite number of Threes
that can spring from this foundation
and each of any Three can be a First or a Second
And all can be nested within
the original three
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From Binary to Triadic April 23, 2018

The Slow as Molasses Press