Triadic Philosophy - Science, Resurrection, Way

Triadic Philosophy in this declension
builds from the initial triad 
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
The first rises as a sign or word from
the penumbra around us all
the mystery
The second gives the sign a context
It is often a contradiction
a question
or some blunt truth
Out of the relation between 
One and Two
the third emerges by guessing at the active
experiential element in the thought process
generally an experiment
which might become a rule 
then a habit
(Science is the sine qua non of Reality 
denoting the sphere in which observations
and logic coalesce in the quest for
the truth of any matter.
In a colloquial sense science is
synonymous with reality)
(Resurrection is the central
doctrine of Christianity -
belief in the continuation of individual life
beyond the complete decay 
and obliteration of bodily existence.
Since science has not measured it
it's pure speculation
AKA faith)
(Way denotes a chosen willed
mode of living which in Triadic Philosophy
acknowledges the reality of 
elements in us that
point to freedom choice and willed existence
Among these are  conscience
the capacity to envision the good 
and the line of questioning that 
acknowledges the
possibility of life's continuity
A way is what a triadic philosopher
might prefer to
creedal religion
reductive materialism 
or scientism)
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