Triadic Philosophy Stacked Images Helpfulness Selfishness Mindfulness

Triadic philosophy builds out infinitely
from the initial triad
Reality Ethics Aesthetics
using threes (triads)
to denote a progression 
from sign (word)
to blunt truth, or limitation or qualification
to hypothetical action
a stab at creating
a rule or a habit)
Seeing life as this seemingly endless
elaboration of 
the way we actually do things


(Helpfulness is an ontological value
along with democracy and tolerance
By inference it is understood to emerge
from the penumbra we call Reality or being or existence
(what rises always in the mind)
Helpfulness denotes a spectrum of actions that are
social and communal and ultimately universal )

(Selfishness is actually the end result
of nominalist and binary thinking
limited by seeing the self
as a sort of be and end all
This does not accord with reality
but it acts as a powerful brake on helpfulness
and cannot be dispatched with ease)

(Mindfulness is the child of will in the service
of ontological values
It represents the working
hypotheses we create
to move beyond the double bind of
helpfulness hobbled by selfishness.
It is an assertion of what we might call self-control
but with a patina of irony and humor to
acknowledge the inevitable
fallibility of all human designs) 

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