We have a genuinely new frontier (JFK's was rhetorical)

We have a genuinely new frontier (JFK's was rhetorical)
Ours is to repossess the land
that lies between the rising oceans
and make new settlements diverse as we are
that integrate great medieval notions
before cars existed and face to face
gave way to gadget flinching self-degrading
We have it in us all Americans
to reinhabit Kansas and Nebraska
and all the broken places in between
with their pitiful main streets
and fast-fleeing
We can build places where cars don't go
near enough to vacant Interstate stretches 
promising transit to 100 other new city communities
at once Medieval and tech far beyond now
not little boxes
the next generation of spaces
the cars (culturally, economically)  of the future
just as  PCs became  the cars (c. e.) of our waning present
(Remember all that language about power and speed)
We are a broken people neither side is happy
with victory or defeat
we know the center will not hold
The only way it can is take it literally
Move from the coasts inland
Leave the beaches to the oceans 
save us all from endless
rebuilding of wreckage left by
every coming flood
Go West from East
Go East from West
Reinhabit the nation
Rebecome America
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