We live in square mile wastelands everywhere I go I see the open spaces moulder in the sun

We live in square mile wastelands
Everywhere I go
I see the open spaces
like ruins left to moulder 'neath the sun
And I see built around them
the relics of a past where
building was corrupted
and where we treated people
like things
or consumers
fish mouths open 
sucking in the detritus of
our dismal plastic sea
I see these square mile wastelands 
turning into stadiums
not for teams of Yankees
but for all of us to live in
walk in
work in'
enjoy in
to get education in
to lie sick in bed in
 a block or so from home
to go to school in 
in 100 separate places 
to spawn new economies
to be sheltered from the flood storms
impervious to wind storms
Where public is so nice
that folk just want to sit there
and write their thoughts on tables
eat there
drink there
I see a rising cluster
of such new communities
filling up these lost and desolate square miles
half medieval cities
half  pre-fab custom spaces
where walls are thin as paper
sound proof as castle walls 
Where stairs give way
to rising ways
and trafficked streets give way
to walks
Where the commute
is over
because any work space anywhere
connects with spaces anywhere
Yes I see all these things like
others who see forward when they
pass these wasteland places
and reflect that they
are but the harbingers of something bold and new
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