Why pneumatic when all you need is gravity and some elevation inventions?

Inteli-Tube Pneumatic Transportation System: "The world of tomorrow we are creating for ourselves and our children will be one of traffic congestion, pollution, and an ever-dimmishing natural world being covered in asphalt. We need to change our transportation policies -- we all know this -- but the question is: in what way? Pneumatic tubes transporting people via individual pods, operating on Internet based protocols is, as has been shown, the best solution. This will give people their freedom and space; reduce pollution, both chemical and noise; end costly, stressful, and unproductive traffic jams; increase safety; decrease dependence on foreign oil; and, most importantly, usher in the future that technology has been promising us."

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In addition to pneumatic there is no reason why simple gravity cannot be used with elevators employed as needed to raise the ways upon which new transportation devices travel.

Gentle slopes can be created by connecting the elevation devices that support the bedding needed for moving people and things. Speed can be achieved by adjusting elevations.

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