Instead of building a house in 20 hours move beyond houses

3D printer can build a house in 20 hours - YouTube http://buff.ly/SNIY4a
Why build a house in 20 hours
when you could build a whole community
by using the above technology
to build a cyber-matrix
that would hold as many spaces
as you wish
This matrix could be the skeleton
for mass produced surfaces
created remotely by factories that
now make cars

Thinking in terms of houses is the wrong approach
It sets the mind on what produces sprawl
It does not see the need to move beyond the car
It does not move far enough beyond green
It does not create sustainability

It is lovely that we can say we built that and mean
that NASA stumbled on enlarging CAD
Lovely to build a house in 20 hours
But it would be more lovely
to dream of an actual move forward that
would get the job done

This is like Google's driverless car
It is an oxymoron in the making
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