Triadic Philosophy Commentary - Memory Ethics Forgiveness

In Triadic Philosophy whatever 
rises up is a sign or word
and often it is a memory
if only fleeting
That memory is real 
it's in the now
and if we choose 
we wrestle with it
embrace it
allow it to become real to us
When we are mired in the past
memories can be overwhelming
The stage at which we wrestle with memory
I call Ethical
What that means is that we subject our thoughts 
to tests
to blunt questioning
to the process of being disturbed or troubled
So for example a memory seems to fester
and in our thinking we seek to come to terms
There might be grief or regret or anger


Now let me introduce 
an element of this philosophy
I hold that forgiveness is the most iconoclastic of actions
It has even been a capital offense
Forgiveness can only achieved by the forgiver
It is only achieved when the forgiver
at the same moment seeks to be forgiven
Forgive us for the wrongs we've done
as we forgive those who do wrong
Forgiveness clears the deck
Forgiveness lets the past rest in peace


Because we are fallible sorts 
forgiveness is never unwelcome 
in any thought process
We forgive wrongs done
and in the bargain receive forgiveness
The proper place for this is the Second
the Ethical
When forgiveness occurs
it paves the way for
a beautification process
The Aesthetic is the completion
of the root triad of Triadic Philosophy
Reality Ethics Aesthetic
We move forth in
the now
accepting what it is


Thus does what is Real
become reality
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From Binary to Triadic April 23, 2018

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